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Voice Alarm

Voice Alarms systems are enhanced alarm systems that can be customized to your business and give instructions on how to proceed.

Smart Evacuation

Smart Evacuation Systems allow you to take a real time approach to your emergency. Notifying you of the safest exit.

Gas Detection

Gas Detection Systems monitor the area for signs of a gas leak, notifying you before an incident occurs.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection Systems provide you with the earliest warning of fire. Our systems provide you with peace of mind that quick fire detection will allow for a safe & timely exit.


We provide Process Systems & Security CCTV so that you can monitor your business safely & securely.

Community Alert

When an incident occurs in your premises, sometimes you not only have to evacuate your team but also alert the wider community. Our systems can provide you up to date community alert systems.

Fire Suppression

Our Fire Suppression Systems deploy quickly in an event to not only suppress damage but also avoid injury/ casualties due to burns & smoke inhalation.

Risk Assessments

Our engineers can assess your premises for risks and advise on the best system for your needs.

Intruder Alarm

Installing a wireless intruder alarm protects your business, team and assests.

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